• Top 10 Torrent Sites With Verified Torrents Only

    For those, who are tired to download fakes, spam, virus infected, password protected or incomplete torrents, I've created a list of free torrent sites that provide download for verified files only. All these sites are open for all, public and do not require registration.

    1. Torlock
    Torlock is a popular site that has about 1,6 million verified torrent files in database. The site has a strong user community that helps in verifying of files. Torlock offers search for categories movies, games, software, music, anime, ebooks and adult.

    2. Vertor
    Vertor is another one popular place for verified torrent files. The site has more than 5 million files in index. Because verifying will be done through moderators it takes time till all files will be verified.

    3. TorrentBox
    TorrentBox was launched on this domain some months ago, but traffic grows. The site advertise with having only verified torrent files in database. There are about 3 million torrents indexed.

    4. YIFY-Torrents
    Yify is small but very powerful database for manually uploaded torrents. The site concentrates on movies only and upload content in HD. Yify owns a tracker where content can be downlaoded from. New movies will be posted daily, for today there were about 5k movies posted.

    5. Nyaa
    All anime friends surely know this site. It was created to provide verified torrents for anime related content only. Very nice site with strong user community - just quality, no bullshit!

    6. EZTV
    EZTV is a place for verified torrents related to TV content only. Newest tv series, magazines and other tv videos - all can be found and downloaded here. The site is more an indexer cause it indexes content from external resources.

    7. PublicHD
    PublicHD is another one movie related torrent site. They advertise with only verified torrents for all movies: hd, dvd or any other video quality. To tell the truth I've never tested the site if it's true.

    8. Coda.fm
    For all who loves music - Coda.fm is a nice verified music torrent site. You find your favourite singer or band or browse the genre categories. There is also a possibility to upload own torrent file to share it to the community.

    9. E-hentai
    Let's continue with niche related sites - if you love Hentai then E-Hentai is a good place to download verified content. The site is structured in form of a forum and provides detailed information about every release: screenshots, descriptions, review, quality, comments and much more.

    10. Seventorrents
    Seventorrents seems to be not so popular among all other sites, but it offers a nice choise of verified torrent files for movies. The site has about 25.000 torrents in database and a strong community of active users, who verify files.
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    1. Rart's Avatar
      Rart -
      I feel like unless you're downloading programs (and no way in hell am I trusting these sites for downloading programs) anything with over say 50-100 seeders (which are most mainstream files on the bigger public sites) are pretty much guaranteed to be safe. Heck, anything that isn't an .exe is pretty safe and likely to be valid. Don't think having a "verified" site which severely limits your choice of files is particularly useful...
    1. Spartan1172516's Avatar
      Spartan1172516 -
      Yea true but to the beginning user I remember a time when I saw a file I wanted (a movie for example) and it was in a .wmv for example and it did that trick you're probably familiar with where it asks you to download a codec.
    1. megabyteme's Avatar
      megabyteme -
      This was copied verbatim from another site. At least have the courtesy to cite who you are C&P'ing- especially when the first line says "I've created..."
    1. unclemilty74's Avatar
      unclemilty74 -
      torlock is exe files. fuckem
    1. torrentus's Avatar
      torrentus -
      Quote Originally Posted by unclemilty74 View Post
      torlock is exe files. fuckem
      You can earn some dollars if you find fakes then :-) Don't know if they mean this seriously or not
    1. Ooster's Avatar
      Ooster -
      Atleast five among them scrape torrents from top three leading websites. Scrape from trusted/verified members only. That's why they are verified torrents (only) sites.
    1. the21daddy's Avatar
      the21daddy -
      fed up of this now
    1. SpaceOctopus's Avatar
      SpaceOctopus -
    1. andyelwes's Avatar
      andyelwes -
      I have a great experience with Bit Torrent.. had download lot of movies.
    1. pepo55's Avatar
      pepo55 -
      Downloading all kinds of content on these trackers is a very big risk
    1. sk2oct's Avatar
      sk2oct -
      Yes Great Information, I like these website after extra torrent shutdown

      Vertor is not running currently.
    1. torrentcatcher's Avatar
      torrentcatcher -

      Torrent Search | TorrentCatcher
      TorrentCatcher is a powerful torrent search engine combining results from dozens of torrent sites such as piratebay, 1337x and many more. Download free movies,tv shows, porns, games, software, apps, ebooks, Hd movies torrents
    1. anon's Avatar
      anon -
      Quote Originally Posted by torrentcatcher View Post
      Torrent Search | TorrentCatcher
      Approving your post as this site looks pretty good