• Best Sites To Stream & Download Music Online For Free

    After sharing of my favourite sites to stream movies online in previous article, I would like to share sites where you will be able to stream music online, download single mp3 tracks or full albums. Below are my best rated and absolutely free music sites.


    MP3Box is my personal Number 1 site to download music. The site offers a possiblity to play music (as single songs, but also full albums) online and download the content for free. If you register a free account, you will be able to add tracks to your Favourites and access them from any location, device etc. without a need to search for them again. The content will be updated daily. Mp3box has a very easy navigation and powerful search: you can browse music by artists, albums, genre and much more. No ads, absolutely free - the best site in my eyes!


    MP3truck is another one good free site to find and download music in easy way. Easy track can be streamed online, added to your personal Favourite List and downloaded for free. The site has a structure of a search engine, means you can only search for music and for single songs - there is no possibility to get the chart lists or browse music by albums and artists like it's possible on mp3box.


    MP3boo is another one cool site to download music. Here you will be able to find the artist with descriptions, get detailed information about his albums, browse tracks, get online streaming and download links for full albums and single mp3s. MP3boo has about 250,000 songs from more than 20,000 artists added and the site will be updated daily.


    MP3Clan is another one very popular site to find and download popular music. The site has similar features as other listed services, additionally it allows to create ringtones for mobile phones online.


    Also a good site to play music online and download single mp3s or full albums.

    These were my personal favourite music sites. Hope some of you would find my article useful. If you have similar sites, you are welcome to comment and share links.
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    1. fun2songs's Avatar
      fun2songs -
      and my best website to download free music, songs and free bollywood nd english songs is http://fun2songs.com
    1. torrentus's Avatar
      torrentus -
      Quote Originally Posted by fun2songs View Post
      and my best website to download free music, songs and free bollywood nd english songs is http://fun2songs.com
      I just clicked on the link and there is no any site at all! It shows files on a server, what is this?
    1. haxy's Avatar
      haxy -
      Most of these links are dead...
    1. kulsum75's Avatar
      kulsum75 -
      Is it legal to download music for free? just asking, don't get me wrong.
    1. DevinMataka's Avatar
      DevinMataka -
      Thanks for sharing !
    1. Tarini's Avatar
      Tarini -
      thanx for sharing
    1. new_usesr's Avatar
      new_usesr -
      I use this site : http://mp3dogg.com It went down a couple of days back. they are starting from the bottom again I guess.
    1. goldfad's Avatar
      goldfad -
      Most of these links are dead...
    1. ithauphy's Avatar
      ithauphy -
      Quote Originally Posted by goldfad View Post
      Most of these links are dead...
      in 2018 Yes... Most of links are dead
    1. jonesmaxwell's Avatar
      jonesmaxwell -
      Try tubidy mp3 to download free music. Working well for me.
    1. juliejames's Avatar
      juliejames -
      I prefer this youtube to mp3 to listen offline music.
    1. robertwilson's Avatar
      robertwilson -
      Best website to download music is free mp3 download
    1. dwight10's Avatar
      dwight10 -
      Seems like there was a solution here with what you shared, about how to make money here. If that is correct, thanks
    1. Chinnex's Avatar
      Chinnex -
      Nice one but those links ain't working any more, probably they have being taken down my dmca..

      The best site to download music online now is

    1. MausiqiLyrics's Avatar
      MausiqiLyrics -
      Maybe these are the best ones or not, but these are illegal for sure my brother, shouldn't promote these kind of stuff.