• FetchSong lets you gets tracks from Mulve without the hassle

    A lot of you must have probably heard about Mulve, a new piece of software that's already gaining popularity (and some controversy) due to its ability to download single music tracks at very high speeds from VKontakte.ru's server pool, without requiring users to upload anything else than an HTTP request.

    Recently, costi, an FST (FileSharing Talk) user, has designed a Web application that enables people to get those music tracks without running the aforementioned software. All that's needed is going to FetchSong.com, typing the track's name, and clicking on "Search". Thanks to AJAX, the result list will immediately appear below the search field. Clicking any of them initiates the download.

    It is noteworthy that the Mulve servers only allow downloading from the same IP address that initiated the search request, so proxying both through a VPS (Virtual Private Server) proved itself essential for FetchSong to work. However, that also provides some degree of anonymity as a side effect, since your real IP won't be seen by VKontakte, not to mention FetchSong doesn't keep any logs.

    You may access this service by clicking the following link:


    FetchSong's discussion thread on FST is located here. If you're registered, you may post feedback there.