• Crysis 2's 3D is ''the Same as Avatar''

    Crytek CEO Cevat Yerli said James Cameron saw the game in action and loved it.

    Crytek CEO and Creative Director Cevat Yerli bragged about Crysis 2's 3D component in a recent interview with Edge Magazine (E224), comparing the game with James Cameron's Avatar. In fact, he claimed that the famed director actually saw Crysis 2's 3D component in action and was impressed.
    "There was one project we developed exclusively in stereoscopic 3D--and we started that two-and-a-half years ago," Yerli told the magazine. "It was designed to be only possible in 3D, so we asked what it'd take to make that. So we've done a lot of research into 3D experiences, the UI and whatnot. And a lot of this knowledge is now in the Crysis 2 3D experience. That's why we have, in my opinion, a benchmark 3D implementation."
    He then goes on to throw in the Avatar comparison. "I'll even claim it's the same as Avatar's status in 3D," he said. "James Cameron has seen Crysis 2, and he loved what he saw because his eyes are trained for 3D more than anyone else, and that makes me confident that we have a super-high-end 3D experience on all formats."

    The magazine then asked Yerli what led Cameron to see Crysis 2 in the first place. He laughed. "That's another story!"
    E224 is slated to hit newsstands on January 18, however subscribers should see the magazine in their mailboxes any day now. Crysis 2 is still dated for a March 22 release for Microsoft Windows, the Xbox 360 and the PlayStation 3.

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    1. Rart's Avatar
      Rart -
      If by the same as Avatar they mean it's going to be an absolute piece of crap?
    1. delimare's Avatar
      delimare -
      As of right now, 3D can SMD. I have no interest in wearing goggles that give me a headache after an hour of viewing while horribly distorting depth perception. Until things like this become more mainstream and are tweaked to perfection, I have no interest in the 3D world.