• Download every Sports Illustrated Swimsuit model photo from 1996 to 2011

    If you're into buxom bikini-clad babes, the same ingenious script kiddie behind the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit 2010 and 2011Perl script downloaders has released a tool to download every photo from 1996 through to 2011, totalling some 7,604 images, or around 15,208 breasts.

    This new downloader began its life as a way to circumvent the security measures that Sports Illustrated introduced to prevent the 2011 Perl script downloader from working. SI.com obfuscated the URLs of its photos, breaking the 'dumb' Perl script which just iterated through sequentially-numbered images. The new downloader is more intelligent -- though the developer doesn't say exactly how the new downloader does things -- which will make it harder for for Sports Illustrated to block.

    You will need a Windows machine to run the new downloader (or you could virtualize Windows under Linux or Mac), and the .NET 4 Framework (which you probably already have installed).

    The downloader will take a while, especially if you want to download every photo from 1996 through to 2011 -- 4 hours, by the developer's reckoning. Having said that, it only took us about 20 minutes to download the 1,400 photos from 2011, so it probably depends on your Internet connection.

    Note: the downloader kind of 'locks up' while it's running -- you can still see it downloading, but you can't minimize it or close it. Also, it 'counts up' as it discovers valid photo URLs before it starts downloading, so don't be alarmed if it takes a while for pretty photos to start appearing. If, for some reason, you want to stop the downloader, you have to kill the process via Task Manager.

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    1. myusuf05's Avatar
      myusuf05 -
      if anyone would post this again after downloading. I would appreciate it I could use new backgrounds.
    1. Tarom's Avatar
      Tarom -
      Do not bother. Low quality pics only good for iphone size monitor.
    1. johhny's Avatar
      johhny -
      the quality is acceptable...
    1. twisten's Avatar
      twisten -
      well, that just might force them to detect excessive downloads and block the clients, with an addition of reporting this to individual isps as abuse, regardless of any action they can/can't take against the programmer/scripter.

      At least thats the sort of actions taken in the past when these sort of things happened.
    1. PastTense's Avatar
      PastTense -
      So why hasn't someone done this and merged them to create a file for bittorrent?