• Bing Now Powers 30% of US searches

    Bing is doing what no one used to think was possible: knocking search market share points off of Google, and collecting them.
    Yes, Bing-powered search in the United States just broke the 30% barrier, clocking in at 30.01% in March according to Hitwise. That was a rise from its February tally of 28.48%.

    Google in the same time period dropped from 66.69% to 64.42%, ceding that ground to Bing.

    Both Yahoo search, which Bing powers, and core Bing.com searches rose during the month. Market share for Bing.com rose from 13.49% to 14.32%, and Yahoo powered searches rose from 14.99% to 15.69% of the market.

    We have been covering Bing’s feature growth extensively over the past several months, and have noted that while Bing certainly has no secret weapon in its quiver, the search engine has been bettering itself through a hundred minor improvements, which are perhaps now beginning to add up.

    Bing has also been advertising heavily across the Internet, including on popular websites and services such as Justin.tv. While some of Bing’s gains can certainly be attributed to advertising, it would seem improper to ascribe the large shifts seen in the US search market merely to an effective ad spend.

    Bing is nibbling away at Google. Can Google stem the bloodletting?

    Source: TNW
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    1. Appzalien's Avatar
      Appzalien -
      How about 30% of the people upgraded to IE9 (or 8) and automatically had Bing as the default search engine. There are a lot of people who turn it on and click, if they have to go inside and change things they're lost.
    1. duke0102's Avatar
      duke0102 -
      From what ive read and been told, Bing is really good..... but not gonna change by homepage from google lol
    1. eyekey's Avatar
      eyekey -
      I wonder how much of that 30% actually intended on using Bing for their searches?
    1. bobbintb's Avatar
      bobbintb -
      Quote Originally Posted by eyekey View Post
      I wonder how much of that 30% actually intended on using Bing for their searches?
      my thoughts exactly.

      that and personally, my club bing bot does hundreds of searches a day but thats just because i want the free crap. i dont use it personally.
    1. colbert's Avatar
      colbert -
      I would think the majority of that share is just the default search in IE.
    1. Cabalo's Avatar
      Cabalo -
      Haven't really tried it lately, but I must say that for example Yahoo's images produce more accurate results than google does. And AFAIK, yahoo is now powered by Bing.
    1. aktiv8's Avatar
      aktiv8 -
      I have found that lately Bing (and Yahoo) has been indexing the sites I am in charge of much more requently and picking up the updates better than Google so I can see some advantages to swapping!
    1. Cabalo's Avatar
      Cabalo -
      And let's not forget Bing is used as the default search engine on WP7 powered smartphones. It can be a signal of strength.