• Rumor: Windows 8 To Use Kinect-Like Facial Recognition

    Hackers poring through the leaked Windows 8 M1 build have found some interesting evidence suggesting that Microsoft’s next OS may automatically recognize its users, a la Kinect.
    An API relating to “Detect[ing] human presence” was combined with some earlier Microsoft suggestions that ubiquitous webcams by 2012 would make easy login as simple as checking the user’s face when they sit down. And of course the Kinect does this already — with a lower-resolution camera than many webcams. Voila: rumor!
    My only issue is that it suggests the webcam or bezel cam will, in a way, be always on. Not the most reassuring notion to those of us concerned about privacy.

    Source: CrunchGear
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    1. taniquetil's Avatar
      taniquetil -
      In Soviet Russia, you take pictures with the camera.
      In Capitalist America, the camera takes pictures of you.
    1. proforma's Avatar
      proforma -
      In Soviet Russia someone takes your camera with your pictures.
    1. duke0102's Avatar
      duke0102 -
      "In Capitalist America, the camera takes pictures of you. "

      What are you on about? Firstly, Russia has plenty of CCTV cameras if that's what your saying and secondly, that has no relevance to the article...
    1. Glaucon's Avatar
      Glaucon -
      You could simply turn the camera off when you're not using it, if you're concerned about your privacy. I doubt this'll be as advanced as actual facial recognition though - perhaps just motion detection or perhaps it's nothing at all.