• Clunky Version of Hulu Plus Hits XBOX Today

    Microsoft is releasing its long-in-the-making Hulu Plus app on the Xbox 360 today, providing a subscription video streaming alternative to Netflix.

    As with its Netflix app, the company is making gamers pay double subscription fees to access the service, locking it away for paying Xbox Live Gold customers who will get the privilege of using Hulu Plus if they cough up its $8 monthly fee. A similar app has been available to all PS3 users since November.

    At least non-paying Xbox Live members will get a taste of the service, which is available for free to all connected users until May 6.

    Wired got an early look at the Xbox's version of Hulu Plus and wasn't so impressed, dinging the app for its limited Kinect functionality and lack of an option to search for short clips, such as Saturday Night Live sketches. You can work around the latter shortcoming by queuing up shorts on a computer, making them accessible on the Xbox.

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    1. mjmacky's Avatar
      mjmacky -
      I tried it out, and it works very smoothly and quickly. Faster than Netflix even.
    1. nicholastotino's Avatar
      nicholastotino -
      Yeah I haven't had a problem with it at all and like "mjmacky" said, its quite faster than Netflix. I was going through Amazon On Demand buying each episode of "The Event" but Hulu has the ENTIRE season in HD. Still not sure if I would pay for it after the trial ends, there are a lot, A LOT of shows not on there, Networks too.