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Here you can find answers to questions about how the board works. Use the links or search box below to find your way around. Board Rules

The Administrators and Moderators are the ones who decide what is offensive, foul, inflammatory or excessive in nature, as well as what is considered spam, solicitation, advertising, profanity, inappropriate nudity or complaints. Their decision on the matter is final. Administrators and Moderators can and will take action without any prior warning or notice.

Rule 1

All posts, comments and opinions are those of the poster and do not necessarily reflect the views or beliefs of the site and its administrators. This forum, its administrators, and moderators reserve the right to request alteration or deletion of any post in whole or in part. Offensive posts may be deleted.

Rule 2

Post in the correct forum. Take the time to look at the other threads, read forum descriptions and see where your thread should go. Also, read the FAQs and 'Sticky' threads. The Administrators or Moderators may move threads posted in the wrong areas.

Rule 3 - Spamming

Spamming is not permitted and will be monitored; please keep all your posts as constructive as possible. Excessive spamming may be deleted.

Rule 4 - Advertising/Soliciting

Advertising or soliciting a product or site for the purpose of commercial gain without the consent of the administrators is prohibited. Any such postings may be deleted for any reason. This includes any sigs and or titles advertising similar sites. Posting links to auctions or sales is also not allowed. Soliciting invites in any form including through PM messages is also prohibited. Those soliciting may have their account locked or Banned from the site.

Rule 5 - Sigs and Avatars

Signatures and avatars will be restricted in size and content, and must not be offensive in nature. Signatures and avatars that do not comply will be removed or edited.
  • Signatures will be restricted in size and content. Signature images may not exceed a 500x150 (w x h) pixel area. With text under the signature you are allowed to have 1 line (font size 1 or 2). The total height with that 1 line and your images must not exceed 175px. See example image below.
  • Max. dimensions for avatars is 125x125 pixels.
  • The total file size for all images used in the signature and avatar must not exceed 175kb.
  • Links in signatures that link to sites which host warez, cracks, pornography, advertising similar sites, pyramid schemes, ebay listings, site links which contain referral IDs, and links requesting donations are NOT allowed.
Signatures and Avatars that do not comply may be removed or edited by a moderator or administrator.

Rule 6 - Pornographic Material

Posting images of complete nudity is forbidden on the board. However, partial (upper portion only) will be allowed within the 'Lounge'. If such pictures are posted outside the Lounge, they will be removed or edited without warning.

Rule 7 - Offensive Images

Posting pictures or links to pictures which contain graphic images of a disturbing or offensive nature will also be deleted without notice.

Rule 8 - Profanity

There will be no excessive use of profanity. Please keep all foul language to a minimum. Action will be taken against those who choose to disobey, no exceptions.

Rule 9 - Racism/Discrimination/Insults

There will be no offensive or inflammatory posts meant to offend or hurt any other member(s) or guest(s) of this forum. The use of racial, ethnic, gender based insults, contents or discriminatory comments of any kind will not be allowed or tolerated. Expect action against you if you do.

Rule 10 - Cracks/Keygens/Warez

Posting of direct download links to copyrighted material such as private ftp sites, serial numbers, warez sites and torrentlinks are prohibited. Posts directly or indirectly containing this information will be edited. Sig2dat quicklinks and hashes are NOT considered to be downloadable and will be allowed. Don't ask for torrents, cracks, serials or keygens to be posted, you are asking someone else to break this rule. Hacking/Cracking discussions are not allowed.

Rule 12 - BitTorrent Invites

Requesting or offering BitTorrent invites MUST be done in the BitTorrent Invites forum; requests or offers made in other sections will be removed. Those repeating this may have their account locked or Banned.

You MUST be a member for at least 15 days before you can request or offer BitTorrent invites, or even access the BitTorrent Invites forum. Those trying to bypass this by requesting or offering invites in other sections of the forum will have their accounts locked or banned from the site.

You MUST be a member for at least 30 days before you can access the BitTorrent Trades forum. Those trying to bypass this by requesting trades through pm will have their accounts locked or banned from the site.

For more information see the BitTorrent FAQ.

Rule 13 - Banning/Moderation

If you get placed on 'Moderation' or a 'Ban', do not circumvent that action by creating or logging into another account. Doing so can result in a permanent ban to all accounts.

Rule 14 - Mod/Admin Decisions

Decisions of the Administrators or Moderators ARE NOT up for public discussion or questioning and any such discussion or questioning will not be tolerated. Complaints concerning moderators or their actions may be discussed with that moderator or brought to the attention of an administrator by means of a Private Message (PM) or a thread created in the Report Section.

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