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Why can I not access the BT Invites Section?

There may be several reasons why you can not enter the BitTorrent Invites section. The first, and most likely, reason that you can not access it is because either:
  • You have not been a member for at least 15 days
  • You have not made at least 5 posts
  • You have not waited at least 1 hour since posting your second post, or becoming a 15day member (whichever came last)
The other reason that you may not be able to access the BitTorrent Invites section (if you meet the above criteria) is because:
  • You're in the 'moderation' usergroup as punishment for something (your user title will say "MODERATION")
  • You're in the 'disabled priveleges' usergroup as punishment for something (your user title will say "DISABLED PRIVS" in red)
  • You're in the 'disabled' usergroup as punishment for something (your user title will say "DISABLED" in red)
If you can not access the BT Invites Section and you don't believe you meet any of the above criteria then contact the mod team in the report section: Click Here.

What is "Invite Spam"?

Because of the high activity in the BT Invites section, any post that is off topic or content-less (Such as 'Good Luck', 'Thanks', 'PMed', etc.) will be considered Spam. It will be deleted and an infraction will be given.

What is an "Invite Spam" infraction?

An invite spam infraction is, usually, just a single point infraction. The standard expiry time is 5 days, but the length is up to the moderator giving the infraction. Once the infraction expires it's point is no longer counted.
It currently takes 5 points before any priveleges are actually taken away, so consider that 1 point infraction to be a warning. 5 of them and you get 'Disabled Privs'.

Can invites be sold through FileSharingTalk?

No, selling of invites in ANY form is not allowed. DO NOT send pm messages soliciting invites.

Those caught will be BANNED permanently.

Can I post invites for non-bittorrent-related sites?

Trading of invites to sites that are not BitTorrent related is to be done in their respective sections of the forum.
For example, Joost invites can be given away in the 'Internet, Programming and Graphics' section.

However, ANY trade that involves bittorrent sites MUST be done in the invites section. So, as example:

rapidshare giveaway: filesharing forum
rapidshare account trade for HDBITS invite: bittorrent invites forum
joost invite trade for rapidshare account: filesharing, OR internet forum

If you're uncertain, post asking in the report section. Do not create the thread if you are unsure.

Someone wants to trade my x account for their x account. How do I know it's a fair deal?

A very extensive list of the different trackers, along with reviews and ratings, can be found here:
What Trackers Offer.

Use this guide to compare your and their account to see if the trade is fair.

I've been scammed, what do I do now?

If you have or think you have been scammed by a member report it in the report section: Click Here.
Make sure that your post includes as much details as possible, and that it includes some sort of proof such as screenshots of convos.

DO NOT post in the main forums accusing members. Throwing accusations around doesn't solve anything. This is something we take very seriously.

What does "Disabled Privs" or "Disabled Privileges" mean?

Disabled Privs/Privileges is a usergroup for members who are banned from the BT Invites Forum.
The reasons for them being banned is a huge range.
The important thing to remember is to not trade with a member who has "DISABLED PRIVS" (in red) under their user name.

What is this BT Rep I see under user's names?

BT Rep is a way to gauge a user's reputation amongst other traders. It's not 100% fool proof, but is still one of the key things to look at when trading with a user.

The idea behind it is that when you trade with another user and the trade goes through without a hitch you give them a rep point.

DO NOT give rep points for any other reason.
If a user messages you asking you to trade rep points, or to give them a rep point before going through with a trade, report them (and don't give them the point!): Click Here

The way BT Rep works is explained in this thread: Click Here

What should I look for before trading with a member?

The first, general, things to look for before trading with a member are:
  • Their post count. A user with 0-5 posts has not been around the board for very long and may not be trustworthy
  • Their join date:
    • A user with a very recent join date (one month to 3 months) has not been around the board for very long
    • A user with a join date less than 15 days should NEVER be traded with, and the user should be reported if requesting a trade: Click Here
  • Their BT Rep. A user with a high BT Rep has made a lot of successful trades and can usually be trusted
  • Read the user's posts. The best way to get to know someone before trading with them is to read their previous posts.

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