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Thread: Raven Sheild Disc 1 & 2

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    It says they are Applications. When I try to run it says this....

    C:\My Documents\Raven.Sheild.Disc(1of2).exe is not a valid Win32 application

    What program do I need?

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    Jeez, it's an iso!! Just read the newbies posts and you'll see what you have to do. It's so easy that i really can't be bothered to explain it yet again!

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    The attitude of the more "clued up" members here is atrocious...

    m8, have a little look at what u downloaded, now what u want to do is rename it from a .exe to a .iso ( im sure this is the way to do it ) and bobs ur aunties husband ... now all u need to do is us CDR WIN / Nero to burn the image to a CD or mount to a VIrtual CD ROM.


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