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Thread: Can anyone help?

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    Ok so im new... im intrested in downloading new releases of music or 0days i think u call it..... can someone point me in the right direction.. I hear peeps talk about ftp sites for their sources ... where can i find these or people who are in the 'know' im intrested in rap / hiphop / rock/ alternative music
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    ftp you can find in nice forums who publish ftp addresses
    with scanning results of music movies ext.
    but i advise you to download bittorrent client and join a ratio site or
    to download emule client and search your music.
    hope i helped.

    BTW, you will need ftp manager allso. like flashfxp or else.
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    i think this guy is in need of a n00b guide

    anyone ?
    love yourself

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    Ok! Ive gotten Bitcomet - Do U know any good Ratio sites?


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