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Thread: Boxtorrent down?

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    Been trying for a day or two still down cant find anything on google or searchirc, any news?

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    hmm i must be banned or something then?

    EDIT: Yap i must be banned others are saying it works fine for them.
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    i'm actually getting the same thing. I just tried to go to the site, and it keeps giving me that little page you get when your internet isnt connected. But its only for that page. I go to other sites and it lets me, but when i go to i cant.
    I don't do anything besides seed and leech, and i even had that happy face saying i wasnt doing anything wronge. So why all the sudden am I not allowed to go there. Ugh.
    I really am hoping its just a site problem and not me being banned.

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    Currently Seems to be offline...

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    I cannot access the site either. I keep a pretty good ratio there so I don't think banning is the problem.

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    It's down for me too

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    Same here! >_<

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    Damn i want it back again!!!
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    Some people say they lost their host and having trouble getting a new one. Its a shame cause it is one of the best torrent sites for anime.

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