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Thread: Can Anyone Identify This Song?

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    Can someone please put us out of our misery! A good few years ago a female artist,(& I think it was Sarah Brightman/Kate Bush or similar) made a record called 'Him'.....I think that was the Title!!!!
    Some of the wording was...............And in the morning when I wake, The day outside looks grim, I look around and then I see, him lying there he's next to me........... This record was sung to the tune of a Hymn...Dear Lord and Father of mankind...
    There was a video made at the time showing the 'Artist' in a long white flowing gown. Don't know where it got to in the charts but must have been fairly popular as it was on 'Top of the pops'!
    Can anyone please identify this one.
    Many thanks.....

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    It was Sarah Brightman - Him. I've never heard it, or if i have i don't remember. all i did was search for the lyrics you posted on yahoo and bingo - lots of lyrics websites telling me the artist and title.


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