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    I got win xp from a friend and install it on my second drive D" use it for a while decide to clean my hard drive D" so i format it but it did not completely take off the winxp every time i boot up my computer stop and wait for me to choose win98 or winxp. so i try to format it again to clean win xp off but still the same old thing happens on boot up 'it ask me to choose win98 or winxp i say what the hell I'll just reinstall win xp back on my drive D" anyway. Now when I try to reinstall,win xp, it tell me cant fine the file on the hard drive that it looking for. is it a bad winxp I though when you format an Hard drive it clean every thing off the hard drive. can any one tell me what's the world going on how can i get my computer stop ask me to choose the win xp when the drive already been formated.all i would like to do is reinstall win xp on my second drive"D.

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    your drive is not a bear (empty ) drive windows keeps some info
    on the drive so you can reinstall

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    If you converted your drive to NTFS, then a simple format C: (or D: in this case) from DOS won't work.

    To get rid of win xp completely, run FDISK and delete the windows xp partition on D: drive. Then, restart your computer, and format that partition. There should be nothing left on there now.

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    to be honest the problem has nothing to do with the D Drive, the problem is on the C drive, thats where the boot records are! the computer boots from c drive after all, wiping D drive doesn't affect the record on c: it still thinks xp still there. Try running Norton or another utility program on your c drive it might resolve the problem, otherwise the easiest way to lose this would be to reinstall your c drive op, a pain I know but the other option is editing your config.sys, win.ini and probably your registry among others, not a job for the faint hearted


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