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Thread: Help Pls. Windows Genuine Validation

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    I am having trouble bypassing Windows Genuine Validation i tried the trixie method but it still didn't work and i am also having problems installing the Windows Genuine Validation program through Microsoft Update if it gets install i can disable it in internet options. Can someone pls help me with this problem.

    thank u

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    open up windows update. it opens the link in IE or w/e browser and it'll say something like:
    Checking if your computer has the latest version of Windows updating software for use with the website…

    The website uses ActiveX controls to determine which version of the software your computer is running. If you see an ActiveX warning, make sure the control is digitally signed by Microsoft before installing it or allowing it to run.

    then it'll to go a page that says:
    Keep your computer up to date
    Check to see if you need updates for Windows, your hardware or your devices.

    Express Get high-priority updates (recommended)

    Custom Select from optional and high-priority updates for Windows and other programs

    Concerned about privacy? When you check for updates, basic information about your computer, not you, is used to determine which updates your programs need. To learn more, see our privacy statement.

    Checking for the latest updates for your computer...

    i prefer clicking custom

    if u haven't installed MS' new update validation prog, it should ask u to install now. after that, close the browser. i don't think u need to restart ur comp. go to IE properties > Programs > Manage Add-Ons > Windows Genuine Advantage and click disable. ok everything, and restart windows update

    then it's:
    Checking for the latest updates for your computer...
    and a green bar thingy

    if u haven't installed MS' new update validation prog, it should ask u to install

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    thanks, i needed to get around that too

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    `anyone from Argentina on this board?

    I need your help and if you can help me pM me

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    Thanks...needed to get around that too.

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    thanks for that, i needed that too

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    i just reformatted my other computer and now i can't get windows update cause of this validation thing. I tried to do your way but i do not get the Manage Add-ons in my IE.

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    Torrentleech has something to solve this problem.

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    Here to solve everyones problem with the new updated Windows Validation thing. Ok for the people that have updated to where the option of turning off the validation doesn't work. Here is your solution.

    Go to the windows update site to where it gives you two option Custom and Express. Before you click one put this in your address bar:


    After you have put that in the search bar press enter or Go.

    Now Press Custom or Express

    You have to do this everytime you go to the website. I'm sure there are programs out there that will just et you go to the site and update but this is easy.
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