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Thread: Any One know How to boost sound?

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    Anyone tell me how to boost sound when using Bs player 1.32, or by using Mega Codec pack?


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    When I use bsplayer using the plus key increases sound and it shows the percenatage in top corner as it changes...

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    matrix mixer in klcodec pack blows sound out of orbit - give it a try
    vlc manages to amplify sound by 150
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    get the latest mega pack.

    start -> k-lite codec pack -> configuration -> codec tweak tool -> [AC3 Filter] boost AC3 volume

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    If none of your players will boost the sound adequately, you can demux the audio track, edit it to boost the volume and/or normalize the audio so that it is in a narrower db range, and remux the audio with the video. The process takes 15-20 mins, and the software required depends on the type of video you have -- nandub/virtual dub for avi and tmpgenc for mpg.

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    Thanks for advice people!

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    Speaking of boosting sound.I converted an xvid to dvd and the sound was to low on my standalone.After much reading and searching I found out you can boost the sound in the AC3 filter in the control panel.Reconvert to dvd problem solved.


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