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    I am currently in y11 at school as some of you know. i have been using 3ds for best part of a year now, i have decided to make a new section on my site to show my work. as some of you know that my site is down at the moment, i have been hard working for my GCSE exames i am about to re-install DW again and com0pleate my site (i have to re-install it because my pc went down) so after i have had my GCSE exams i am going to put my site online again.

    now, what i was wondering is, that have asny of you got any work to show off. 3ds max 5,maya,autocad,direcotr,flash,photoshop,illustrator,bryce.....ect.

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    If you want a lot of comments and view of your works go to
    the artist community (3d, 2d, paintings, images ...):

    I for myself use Bryce5 and Poser4, with which you can easily share
    your thoughts and dreams :) I previously also tried 3d studio max 2.0 or 2.5
    and another tool called monzoom, but normally many high professional 3d tools,
    you have to read through such a thick manual :) before using the program :)
    nothing against it, but...

    some of my work - which contains partly test images and some nice ones - is on my site: (there is a link!)

    Some OTHER GOOD PAGES YOU SHOULD NOT MISS: (Bryce4 & 5 with Poser4) (partly 3d studio, partly Bryce4/5)

    thanks anyway, david.

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    For good professional critiques of your work, from people in the 3D effects film and game industries, go to CGTalk.

    There is a forum dedicated to critiques, and you should get lots of comments on your modeling, texturing, animating and rendering techniqes. There are also a lot of other people's work there for you to get inspiration, and for you to critique.

    See you there,



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