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Thread: torrent site

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    most torrent site stink they give you 90% then you get no more you waste your time downloading 600 meg or more for nothing.

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    Right...Next time download froma torrent with seeders...

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    Sites like Torrentspy and possibly other public trackers often misrepresent how many seeders are seeding a file, to make their site look more attractive to leechers (leechers - revenue from ads). This sometimes means that you can get half way thro a download only to find yourself without seeders in order to complete it.

    If you use private trackers the problem The_Hunter describes almost never happens because not so many people hit a torrent and run because they're concerned about their ratio.

    Morale: Use private trackers to download large files.
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    Find better sites mate.

    Just for the reason manker told.

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    Have tried plenty of sites and as he says what they say about seeders
    is not always right and still after rest of movie.

    Charlie and the Chocolate.Factory.2005.CAM.XviD-DreamCD.avi

    I have 99.3% if anyone can help let me know thankyou.
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    my experiences with public sites is more that the downloads are slower... I usually finish the downloads

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    Thats like some shyte TMD group who get the real releases and encode them down to a whole movie at 100mb, menaing the worse video quality ever. Get onto a decent private torrent site.

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    You can always see in your client how many seeders are there


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