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Thread: Couple of newb bittorrent questions

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    1. What are the benefits and what are private torrents?

    2. What's the use of ratio? (It seems most torrents I have found don't need a ratio unless I go to a specific site that encourages ratio but sometimes the tracker is available in isohunt which doesn't need ratios)

    3. What are the uses of invites?

    4. Does exeem utilize BT technology or is it a whole new p2p and how come it's better/worst than BT?

    5. (Already asked this in another topic but no one answered) Aside from being java, what makes Azureus inferior to Bitlord, Bitcomet (some other bt client like shadow)

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    Private torrents are torrents which you get off a private tracker - you can only get them if you're registered with the site. The benefits are that they're a little more shielded from the authorities, the download rates are much faster, there are less fake files and less chance of not being able to finish your download.

    Ratios are to ensure that everyone is doing their bit - if you seed a torrent til your ratio is 1:1 then you've given back to the community as much as you've taken. On many private trackers you have to maintain a decent ratio (0.6 or better, usually) or they can revoke your membership.

    Invites are good for inviting your friends to join up with the private tracker that they're issued from.

    Exeem does utilise BT technology, as I understand it, but it a new p2p. Not really worth the bother atm, imo.

    Azureus isn't inferior to other BT clients - it is widely regarded as the best. However, I use ABC because I really like the interface.
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