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Thread: Microsoft to ban cheap joypads for 360?

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    [news=]Rumours arise that Bill's next-gen console will block rival peripherals

    Xbox 360 has been designed to only work with Microsoft approved and branded pads and peripherals, according to industry sources.

    A contract between Microsoft and peripheral makers Mad Catz has revealed that an anti-piracy 'security feature', found inside every 360, will allow the machine to decide which devices it will and won't work with, according to reports circulating the geekier depths of the web.

    If this proves to be true then any third-party company planning to make a dance mat, lightgun or steering wheel for the next-gen console would have to pay Microsoft up-front for the technology, or allow Bill to take a certain percentage of royalties on each device sold.


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    Just as expected Microsoft tries to monopolize another industry. Shutting down innovation. I have third party controllers with patented features that outpace microsoft's.
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    WGA work around in less then one day how long for this two days.Go for it Bill...


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