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Thread: Cannot remember SNES game name - Plz Help

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    Me and my bro used to love this game - ok... Its a war strategy game for as far as i can remember. You take the role of an airplane, that can also transform into a robot. The game is a poor attempt at 3d with kind of a diaginal view. You can create armies of tanks, SAMS (Surface to air missles), and various other tools of destruction and warfare. The object (at least in the verses mode) was to fight the opponent with your main bot (yourself) and also oversee the construction of your army as they were churned out and walking in a leemimg like march to battle the opposing army. Plz help me remember the name so i can find a rom of it and never leave my room again lol thanks

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    hehe...good old snes days... I got some hundered roms myself. Sorry, dont know that game though. This summer I dug up the old nintendo 8-bit box, and played bubble bobble and turtles2. It was baaad...not the way I remembered it...magic is gone.. I'm broken!

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    yeah i tried some snes games on my xbox...played for a few mintues and removed it rather fast. Same with n64

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    And you rescue the people on the ground with your helicopter? If so, I remember playing that game and it is definatly a SNES game.
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    best snes game ever made is ChoronoTrigger (or something like that) well in my opinion loved that game!


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