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Thread: Help With Sony Dvd Burner

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    I've just managed to get hold of a sony dwu 10a dvd burner, the problem is when I manage to burn a film using DVDit the film burns ok and plays on my pc but not my standalone payers (always comes up no disc).I am using packard Bell dvd-rw as I am running out of dvd-r's fast. Also I can't get nero to burn to it , every time I want to burn it keeps trying to use my cd r burner and I can't change the drive because the sony does not show up in the change drive menu . Can anyone help me as I pulling my hair out and as with my dvd-r's I don't have a lot left!

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    nero doesnt burn dvds..... you need another program to burn dvds...

    doesnt the dvdrw come w/ a cd that has a program in it.... and how are you burning the dvd? are you copying it from one disc to another or did you try converting one little file into dvd format? since dvd files are a buncha files...

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    I converted a xvid in tmpgenc (whole film ) to a pal dvd. As I say I put the film in dvdit , it burn ok, played on my pc but not on my standalone.Oh and nerovision express burns dvd

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    ooo icic... maybe your dvd isnt compatiable w/ the cd?....

    well i just copied vcds and it worked fine on my vcd player...

    herez an idea... waste a dvd >> get any dvds that you have at home... try to make a copy of that and see if it plays in your dvd player?

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    You are going about it the wrong way. DVD-R's will burn a mpeg or avi fine, but your standalone player will not recognize the file on a DVD-R. Unlike a CD-R, standalone players will play mpeg movies, but the format of a DVD-R is totally different from that of a CD-R which confuses the player. When I got my burner, I thought it was great, cause I could fit multiple mpeg's onto one DVD-R and enjoy them on my DVD player. If you go to, they will explain the process to getting an mpeg movie to play on the DVD-R, but it is very lengthy and time consuming process, involving many different programs renedering it a big waste of time.

    If you want to burn a DVD movie to a DVD-R that is a different process altogether. You will need smartripper, dvd2one and burning software to burn as a data disc. Go here for an easy way to copy DVD movies. You will find this more enjoyable than pulling your hair out trying to get mpeg movies to play on the standalone player off of a DVD-R.


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