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Thread: Problem With Blooadrayne 2

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    I installed bloodrayne 2 about 3 days ago. The first two days i had it it worked fine and then one night i turned my computer off and when i turned it on the next day it wouldnt work. It said that my video card didnt support vertex processing, When a day before it worked fine. I didnt install anything or change anything. But when i installed the newest nvidea driver for my card the game worked but if i have that driver installed any movie on windows media player or even the beginging of the game dont look right they have fog around all the objects the color is off and it just impossible to watch anything. What could have caused this problem if nothing was done to my computer? The only thing i did was run ad-aware. Can somone please help?
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    does anyone have any idea?

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    Did u try Re-Installing the game?

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