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    okay who ever has ordered from please help...

    ummm when you order from newegg... the hardware parts... does fedexpress ship it to you on weekends?

    i live in new york and the packages are at newark new jersey right now... i dunt know if i should wait for the package tommo or not... since im not sure if it will deliver on weekends....

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    Why don't you call Fedexpress?

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    ehh itz so late right now... i wanna go out somewhere tommo but im afraid they will ship it to me maybe tommo... so i was wondering who already ordered it...

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    Track Shipments
    Detailed Results   

    Tracking Number
    Reference Number       
    Ship Date      04/10/2003 
    Delivered To     
    Delivery Location      BROOKLYN NY 
    Delivery Date/Time       
    Signed For By       
    Service Type      Express Saver 
    Estimated Delivery Date&nbsp; &nbsp; 04/15/2003 by 16:30&nbsp; <-- can that be trusted?

    Scan Activity&nbsp; Date/Time&nbsp; Comments&nbsp;
    Arrived at Sort Facility/NEWARK NJ&nbsp; 04/12/2003 08:30&nbsp; &nbsp;
    Left FedEx Sort Facility/INDIANAPOLIS IN&nbsp; 04/11/2003 15:16&nbsp; &nbsp;
    Arrived at Sort Facility/INDIANAPOLIS IN&nbsp; 04/11/2003 11:14&nbsp; &nbsp;
    Left FedEx Sort Facility/LOS ANGELES CA&nbsp; 04/11/2003 08:37&nbsp; &nbsp;
    Arrived at Sort Facility/LOS ANGELES CA&nbsp; 04/10/2003 23:14&nbsp; &nbsp;
    Left FedEx Origin Location/CITY OF INDUSTRY CA&nbsp; 04/10/2003 14:13&nbsp; &nbsp;
    Pickup status/CITY OF INDUSTRY CA&nbsp; 04/10/2003 13:48&nbsp; Pre-routed meter pkg picked up&nbsp;

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    They have surprised me and guessed correct the few times I&#39;ve bought from them

    I don&#39;t think they ship on weekends, my CPU cooler sat one state over for the entire weekend, never moved, monday morning it was on my doorstep

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    heh i figured it out thanks... yea i checked the website for fed express saver shipping and saw that it didnt ship weekends cept for extra charge... well i waited yesterday and didnt get it so i should of went out... wasted a lovely 68 degree day in New York... sigh*... o wellz.... itz coming tommo&#33;woot&#33;


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