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Thread: bittorrent causing router to drop connection

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    It seems that bittorrent is causing my router to drop connection and I'm forced to keep resetting the router. I use roadrunner... could this be the ISP or is it the router. If so is there any way to keep the router from losing connection while I'm using bittorrent?

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    are you using the default port ? if so, change ports, most private trackers block these ports anyway.

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    Try updating the drivers for your router.

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    Some routers simply can't handle the number of connections needed to support bittorrent (and often filesharing in general). Look for updated firmware for your router.

    If you say what model it is someone may have seen the same problem and possibly have a fix for it.
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    netgear CG814WG is the model

    I looked into firmware upgrade (there is none) and looked to change settings (nothing worked)

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    It isnt his router. I also use Road Runner(directly into my computer, no router), and when I first started using Bittorrent, it would drop the connection , I also had friends that this happened to. I just keep unplugging it, and plugging it back in to reset it, after a while it just stopped doing that. My friends did the same.

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    Quote Originally Posted by stargatefan View Post
    netgear CG814WG is the model

    I looked into firmware upgrade (there is none) and looked to change settings (nothing worked)
    The CG814WG is a Cable Modem/Router and the firmware can only be upgraded by the ISP.

    In most cases, if your router and or cable modem locks up when running a filesharing program it is a problem with too many connections or exceeding the maximum number of connections the devices can support. This can usually be solved by reconfiguring the file sharing program to accept fewer connections (I find 184 works well).

    If the problem is NOT with the cable modem and is with the router, then you could buy a router (or upgrade the firmware when available) to one that does not have the "Max Connections" problem.

    You can google and find a list of routers that have the problem and know what not to buy. Hope this helps.

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    Are your NAT settings ok?

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    my advise is to get rid of router they suck

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    hook up direct no prob

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