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Thread: fastest Emule client?

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    anyone might help me here?
    Bacground: I'm from Israel. in Israel, we have an ADSL line,
    But the operators, ISP and all involved limits it to 13 U/S and 187 D/S on the 1.5MB line.

    So my best U/S i can give to emule is about 6-7.
    I trust i will never live to see high speed downloads with emule here,
    but I also suffer from a jokely modded clients...warezfaw, Lionetwork...

    I heard there is a patched version of emule, i donno, one thats really downloading fast.
    1) any idea where can i get it?
    2) if not, what is the fastest client?

    10x in advance

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    Try E-Mule Morph XT, see if that'll be of any help


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    clients are not faster or slower It is , basically,, your internet speed whcih matters.
    Crazy about filesharing

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    SRNmule without a doubt. no faster mule imo and ive used them all. obviously i cant condone using it though coz its a leecher mod :-) google is your friend


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