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Thread: Which hash is used by what program ?

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    Like ed2k hashes can be used by emule(clients) and sig2dat hashes by kazaa(clients), are there anymore p2p programs that (can) use some kind of hashing system ? Is there a list of p2p programs and the hashing systems they (can) use ??

    Thanks in advance


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    I'd seen this thread and was wondering if there where more hash technologies that could be linked to p2p programs (hence my post)...

    In the meantime I've discovered magnet links - this can be used by BearShare, Shareaza, Morpheus, XoloX, MLDonkey, Trusty Files, LimeWire, Ares, Grokster & RevConnect. Probably more, but I haven't had time to test them yet.

    Only problem/challenge is that this is open source and so, there's no standard - ie. I've seen 4 types of hashing in magnet links so far; TTH (Tiger Tree Hash), SHA1, bitprint and kzhash...

    Maybe I'll do some more testing and digging and such and let you know



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