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Thread: Where do I find firmware for Nero or my DVD-R/CD-R burner?

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    I'm still having problems w/ my burner, and I can't tell if it's the media I'm using or the burner, etc. I was recommended to upgrade my firmware. Unfortunately I don't know what firmware is, or where I can find it. Can someone please help me out?

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    Go to []
    and find the firmware to all NEC burners

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    Well I'm not sure if Matsushita and NEC are the same, but I found it on the Jp. Sony Vaio site (since that's what I have.)

    It also suggests that I DL Windows Service pack2... DO I NEED to do this for my burner to work? I heard before that many folks experience problems w/ the service pack, especially with P2Ps, torrents, etc. Thanks for the help so far!!!

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    You should have no problems from installing SP2.

    And, your burning problem may just go away.

    BTW, firmware is software specifically for the microprocessors within hardware(i.e. hardrives, motherboards[the bios], mp3 players, etc.).

    Hmm, I don't know what your problem is but I've never had to update firmware for any optical drive I've ever owned and they have all worked just fine.

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    And a word of extreme caution here...

    Be absolutely certain that the firmware update you use is the correct one for your particular optical drive. The wrong firmware installed could render your device unusable, permanently. And I have even come across a situation where a manufacturer recommended a firmware update that was correct for a device in question and it still rendered it unusable.

    (HP bastards... )

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    Depending on the type of drive there may even be tools around that let you back up the original firmware.If your warranty is expired you may also like to have a looked at a upgraded firmware(hacked) If I were you I would have a look over at its more of there specialty over there.

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    Well, I'm pretty sure I installed the right firmware from the Sony Vaio Japan site. I also Updated windows w/ SP2, but my problems didn't go away. I bit the bullet and spent the extra $100 (about) and got myself a removable DVD-RW. I've been burning away on the same old media I used before, and haven't had an error since. Problem solved... my internal burner is just dead. Oh well...

    Thanks for the advice


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