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    I had been using for a few weeks, until the following notice appeared on the site: "Account Activity Restricted - Suspension Notice
    This User is currently suspended from Infinitie

    This account been indefinitely suspended from Infinitie because our records indicate this account was involved in activities that violate our User Agreement.
    If you feel you have been suspended in error or you wish to appeal this decision by providing additional information to us, please contact us.

    An email regarding your account suspension was sent to your registered email address"

    Anyone knows what happened exactly?

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    you used an ratio cheater?
    or used a bittorrent client that is banned on that tracker
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    The problem is not my personal account: i tried surfing to several times after deleting my cookies, with a different IP adress.

    It seems that the libble guys have had some kind of trouble with the hosting company???

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    oops, me thought you said your account was disabled

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    it sounds serious

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    Does this mean the RIAA is after me?

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    Quote Originally Posted by zenonox
    Does this mean the RIAA is after me?
    dont think so. they go mostly after the creators of the pages. not after the user.

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    This doesn't sound as it has anything to do with the RIAA. Clearly it's the hosting company that just took them down because they think the site was doing something illegal.

    And it probably was.

    Never even seen this site, and I'm glad. It was most likely an American hosting company that's covering their asses. Stay away from American torrent sites (, anyone?)

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    actually the site is now back but its private due to large amount of people that were on it so the hosting company said fuck that clear it up or get the fuck out anyways i checked a couple of days ago and its back great fucking site but now i need invite good luck lates.


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