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Thread: Pee N Poo POWER STuFF

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    Those scientists are at it again — they’ve already done a number on number two and now they’re looking out for number one. They’ve developed a paper-thin battery that’s actually powered by urine. Intuitively, the battery is being used in test kits for diseases such as diabetes, such that the urine that’s being analyzed is able to provide the electricity needed to power the kit. Bril! The battery is made from a layer of copper chloride-steeped paper sandwiched between layers of magnesium and copper, and it’s coming to a test kit near you.

    Researchers at Penn State, working in cooperation with a scientist from Ion Power, Inc., have developed a microbial fuel cell that can turn wastewater and bacteria into hydrogen. According to Penn State, the new process can get up to four times as much hydrogen straight out of the biomass than what can typically be generated by fermentation alone. But Bruce Logan, the co-inventor of the process (seen at right), doesn’t think he smells a solution to the world’s energy problems, saying that there’s just not enough “waste biomass to sustain a global hydrogen economy.”
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    cue Master Blaster reference.

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    I can't wait for my first piss-powered car!!

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    Thats the way it should be, piss from alcoholics............that'd work

    Man you get that baby upto 88mph and you travel back in time!!



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