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Thread: Video/sound Sync

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    when I burn VCD's, sometimes the sound seems to be that little but faster than the video, which after 10 inutes is really annoying, so i have to turn it off and bin the CD

    Any ideas

    I use TMPGEnc, sometimes rip the audio first using virtualdub if tmpgenc won't open audio source, then burn using nero express or vision express

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    WHen ripping the sound with Virtual Dub,choose-->full procces mode and then to Conversion-->44100 Hz

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    Who's that dude in the pic Russ The Dude ? He's really freaky lookin... please remove him before he gives me nightmares.

    I see his pic following me as i wonder the forum

    MP_Yona B)

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    That Dude in the pic is gareth.

    Download "the office" a brilliant comedy show, he's a funny chap.

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    \that pic freaks me out. And ur avatar is the same as myne. COPYCAT


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