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Thread: Many Mp3's Problem

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    I have many mp3's and i want to have them in a list or something like that...
    If anyone knows a program that will help me, please tell me so

    thanx in advance

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    it's hard to do since they all have custom names and stuff. (unless u ripped them all yourself)

    The *My Kazaa Lite* Tab is a good way to organize mp3s and change information for them btw.
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    no acualy kazaa is the worst way to do it it save all the info in an outside database and mp3s have a part that is called id3 tags witch is used to store info on the song artest genure album track and so on an so on and almost every mp3 player can access this info kazaa has a seprat database that in in the db folder in the klite folder that lets u do the same thing to any type of file not just mp3s but its not as good as the id3 tags and kazaa dose not display the id3 tag info i displays what ever the guy do dled it from put there
    kazaa will inport the info of the id3 tags to its data base if there is no entry for it yet so to get kazaa to use the id3 tag info u just got to deleat the kazaa database and then when u open kazaa it will inport all the info from the id3tags to it

    the best way to do this is a program called mp3ctrl its an id3 tag editor and a database of all ur mp3s and it will work with winamp witch is the best mp3 player in the world search for it on tucows

    note: kazaa has a known memory leack when doing searches and playing media u pritty much have too do searches in kazaa but u dont have to use it for playing media dont even go to the theater tab be sides it just uses WMP to play them any way

    EDIT i just saw that the mp3ctrl sight is down so it may not be avalable any more but if u go to tucows and search for "mp3 id3 tag editor" ull find hundreds of em most evey thing on the sight is freeware so try a few and see witch 1 u like best but winamp is still there and is still the best there is for playing mp3s get the clasic version 2.81 as the new version is still a bit buggy they havent quiet figured out the video player part of it yet also win amp has a bultin id3tag editor so u could u it but it dont do multi files at a time so try out some on tucows

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    All in one breath QuietSilence, don't you know what a comma or a fullstop is???. & i agree, winamp is one of the best for playing mp3's & editing the idtag.


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