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Thread: Kung-Fu Hustle Torrent

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    Ok I think I posted the last one in the wrong spot so let me try here, ok, I downloaded Kung-Fu Hustle and it came in one folder with 93 parts, one sfv file, and an msinfo document, I don't know what to do, but I am guessing there is a way to put these togather to make it whole, any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    you need to download a free program called WinRar, then open the folder with 93 parts, click on the xvid.r00 and choose extract to a folder, choose desktop and click ok then it will unrar all the parts into a movie
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    I have winrar they aren't rar types, they go like this. kungfuhustle.001, kungfuhustle.002, and so on and so forth until .093, then I have that sfv file, then a msinfo document like I said before.

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    that are winrar files.

    check my guide.

    thread closed.
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