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    i can copy games to cd and install these games from the burnt cd's but icant play these games it just says plz insert cd so my question is how do i copy games to cd without copying protection aswell any help greatly appreciated

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    well my advice to you is great software called CloneCD. It's some magical software that removes or tries it's damndest to remove CD protection before copying all the files onto a blank CD with the help of a sheep (you'll understand when you get it&#33. It has worked for most of my games, but i have noticed it doesn't like to copy Microsoft games.

    Microsoft Software on the other hand, well this is the best software.. copy a windows XP CD with a value of 200 and it has no problems... but a cheap 30 Microsoft game and this software has a head fit getting around the protection! how stupid are Microsoft ? well i'll leave it up to you!

    a word of advice is that just because it has managed to rip all the file from the CD and burn them on to a blank CD DONT mean it's gonna work, it might come up with the same problem as you have got! If that happens after using this software then you don't have much hope for copying the protected CD!

    Before i get carried away.. so it CloneCD and then just find a keygen!

    Good Luck

    MP_Yona B)

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    cheers dude ill try that

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    No Problem dude, i wanna help as many people as i can! I do hope it works for you and maybe you could put a BIN file on kazaa for us... or Me!

    MP_Yona B)

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    ehhh u can get nocd cracks

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    ^^ yeah but its nice to have a standalone copy of a cd too.
    alcohol 120 works the same as clonecd, i prefer that much more, even has virtual cd included.

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    Yeah i tried the the fixed no cd executables from gamecopyworld they work great with non protected games ie. worms armageddon (i know its an oldy but i luv playing it) but then i tried it black and white i managed to get a copy to an image file using clone cd tried a no cd patch but it just dont work and since im new at this subject it could be just me i dont know so then i tried to wright the image to cd using nero but it all works fine until i try to play it then i get the plz insert the bloody disc message how buggin any ideas or is it just black and white is just one of those games that wont copy

    P.S I actually had a copy of that alchahol prog but it was corupt or summit and i couldnt install it so anyone know where i can get it from

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    This is the $10,000,000 question

    and the main reason there are cracking groups, you have nearly no chance of copying a protected cd without the right tools and you CANNOT copy a protected cd with just a copying program

    you needs to analyse the cds with cd-prot which tells you what protection is in place, usually securerom, then u need to find un-secure rom and use this to rip an image, delete protection, build an ISO then reburn the ISO with a cd copying program

    in short that is how it is done

    HOWEVER.... FOR THE MODS.... BEFORE I GET SHOUTED AT.... I have skipped over all of the preference settings etc... and just given you a general roadmap of how it is done, believe me it is not as easy as it sounds above, it is even harder to get the tools... and no I do not have them and do not share them

    Best of luck !!!

    I would just stick to copy, burn and NO-CD personally, not that I condone piracy anyway

    ~-- patience just takes practice --~

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    One thing that sometimes works for me is double clicking on the exe on the cd you burned sometimes that will open a game for me if i cant find a crack that will work.


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