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    I read a post in this forum about a Blue List Keygen for Windows XP so I dl it from kazza, and was wodering if anyone could explain how exactly it is suposed to work. :beerchug:

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    Mayby if you as a newbie post this as a request in the future.
    Very simple The prog, makes a key to home or pro or corp.
    Tell it to make 50 keys and leave it. Be sure that you save them to a file later.
    Takes a while becouse it makes a individual key that nor microsoft know exist and cant block.

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    Ok I will keep that in mind, I am sorry for making that mistake next time I will post in the the request part. Thank you for the help. So tell it to make 50 keys or to run 50 times, and approxametly how long will it take. And once agian thank you for the help. :beerchug:

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    it will take a long time to make 50 keys
    when using the keygen tick box find only 1 key in 25 shots and it can take a while to do this
    10 15 mins on a 2ghz 256ddr thats just to find 1 key.


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