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Thread: I Don't Get It. What Am I Doing Wrong?

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    Sorry. I don't know how to move this.

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    wow, great tip

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    1. You posted in the wrong section.
    2. Your [/B]asking[B] for people to tell you their tips in your own thread?! Geat real.. do some reading (searching) yourself, thats what this section is for!
    3. Welcome to the K-Lite Forum

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    way to be arrogant, and make every one have a bad first impression.

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    Yeah...nice start matey.....and the best thing to do when you start is to read the manual....then seach the boards...then ask the nice and people may actually try and help you....behave like a snotty nosed twat and no one will bother!

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    How was I being arrogant? All I did was ask for help. I didn't ask for this. If you didn't want to help me, you didn't have to say anything. If you ask me, you're the ones being arrogant.

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    Hey don't pass the buck back to all of us, you are the one being the punk. Spend a little time doing some research and read the FAQ!!!

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    What exactly makes me a punk? The fact that I asked for help...or the fact that I was berated for doing so?

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    Maybe it was your reply of 'whatever' to be told to read the manual first (it is really comprehensive and can answer most newbie questions..honest&#33 ....... this makes me think you have a bit of an attitude dude.....

    If you really have a problem we will all be happy to help, but if you are given advice and then don't like it .... well your problem.

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