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Thread: Installing car stereo?

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    Does anyone know of a site or something with wirring diagrams for installing deck in Civic 03? I have never installed a car deck before, but would like to learn.
    Any help will be appriciated.


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    It should come with a monitor...and should be fairly easy. Should just be audio in and out cables..and power. See if any of your friends know how, im sure they would lol
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    hah! something I know a little about

    most stereos (at least here in the States) follow a standard color code:
    Yellow = hot (battery)
    Red = ACC (switch)
    Black = Chassis (ground)
    Speaker wires vary in color, but that's no big deal,
    it's the power & ground you dont wanna fk up on,
    you can play with the speaker wires til you get it right and not hurt anything

    if you're not buying a wiring harness,
    which wouldnt be a bad idea as they're only about 10 bucks and as simple as can be,
    (and some dash kits include harnesses, which you'll probably need a dash kit as well)
    then to make it as easy as possible, get a multimeter, trust me

    then take the old unit out,

    and on the harness you just disconnected the stereo from,
    with the car off,
    test each pin 'til you get a 12V reading....
    you now have your hot (yellow) wire

    now with the key turned to the 'ACC' position,
    test the remaining wires for a 12V reading,
    you now have your ACC switch (red) wire

    ground is easy,
    just connect it to a screw on an unpainted piece of the chassis,
    should be one in/near the mounting hole for the stereo

    I have a manual with wiring configs from a shitload of different cars,
    when I find it I can post what the speaker wires are
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    I dunno if this would be of any use to you because it doesn't specify for models past 2000. But here it is anyway

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    05 se for me haven't tried it yet and I even have the H.U......the 7th gen civic site is very good lots of info you may like this link and this one may fit the bill lol
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