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Thread: Zen Internet + BitTorrent = ??????????

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    The offices where I download stuff via BitTorrent (and occasionally work )needs to change ISP from BTopenworld to Zen Internet due to requiring a Static IP Address.

    I have never received any kind of warning from BTopenworld (hooray for them) concerning downloading stuff but am worried that Zen may kick up a fuss if I download (NOTE: I NEVER get movies, applications or music, just TV shows and football matches, of course).

    Does anyone have any previous experience with Zen?

    Or, can anyone please let me know the ultimately BEST way of protecting myself so that I can continue to download if they do start threatening me.

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    i been with zen for over three years now, and i gota say they are one of the best internet providers in uk atm, provide good service and u can download anything, no limits and they wont send u any warnings.

    i download most of the stuff at 224kb which is amazing for 2mb line!


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