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Thread: GTA.San.Andreas.CloneDVD-MDeth

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    Hey all.

    Downloaded this a while back, havent been able to get it working.

    I Un-RAR the .MDS file and try mount it. Ive used both Alcohol 120% and Daemon Tools but both give me an error message of:

    "Unable to mount image - Image unavailable"

    Any idea's / Anyone know the proper way to do this?


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    Download the HOODLUM release.

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    I'd rather not use another 4.3gb of my cap without exploring all avenues.

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    Quote Originally Posted by War
    I'd rather not use another 4.3gb of my cap without exploring all avenues.

    Every time you want to play the game on this version you have to either yank out your IDE cables from your CD/DVD Rom drives or go into device manager and uninstall and disable them.

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    Well i disabled the CD-ROM drives in the device manager but it wouldnt work. Uninstall them you say?

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    Just pop open your computer and yank out the IDE cables, to be honest if i remember rightly wasn't this release NUKED because it didn't work and stopped after 2 or 3 missions. You might as well get the RELOADED release, will save you from all this IDE cable bullshit and will work.

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    thats why it was nuked
    `anyone from Argentina on this board?

    I need your help and if you can help me pM me


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