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Thread: Kazaa's 128 Bitrate Limit

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    not shure if this is old or new... chek this site out and u can remove the bitrate limit

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    Isnt this standard in kazaa++?
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    i dont really know but if it is just tell me someone and ill delete this post

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    its standard
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    if i understood that one correctly it's not cause mine was on and i have the latest k lite version and for those of you who dont want to do it manually u can download a program which can do it for you

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    sry about that if the link doesnt open for you right click it then select copy shortcut and paste it in your browser

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    so how much does it speed up by after its been removed.

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    There isn't even a bitrate limit anymore since Kazaa v2.

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    well whatever lol i just found it dident look to see how old it is or nothen it's a tip it's a tip leave it at that

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    There isn't even a bitrate limit anymore since Kazaa v2.


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