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Thread: Corruption?

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    I use Win ME, and have had a crappy problem for the last year or so, and was wondering if anyone could shed some light on the matter.
    When I go to dail up to connect to the net, My connect window will not let me save my password so I can "auto-connect" Thus forcing me to type it in EVERY time! The "save password" boxes are blanked out and I've been all through the options, properties, ect....... Someone at my ISP said this option may be corrupt and to re-install my OS. Well.........since the first time I had the problem, I have re-installed my OS 5 times! And the problem is always there.
    I just wanted some input on this, but I am going to upgrade to XP or get another copy of ME.

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    upgrade to xp pro if you have over a 1000ghz processor 128mb ram
    ditch windows me as this o/s is just junk.


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