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Thread: New Display Standard Inches Closer

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    [news=]The Video Electronics Standard Association, or VESA, is currently reviewing a new display standard which will allow for better resolutions, more colors, higher refresh rates - all over less wires than current technologies. Called DisplayPort, the new standard will provide both audio and video data over the same connection with much greater bandwidth.

    The new standard is designed to replace current DVI and VGA standards used in LCD and Analog displays, which VESA points out are quickly falling behind the times in technology. The group also notes that VGA was never designed for high resolution video, and DVI lacks the ability for devices to communicate with one another.

    With a review process that is expected to last up to six months, devices utilizing DisplayPort technology could be available as early as next year.

    Source: CNet
    Homepage: VESA Press Release[/news]

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