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Thread: Paintshop Pro, Photoimpact, Or Adobe Photoshop?

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    I'm sure this has been posted numerous times before, but please humor me. What is the best program for editing digital/scanned photos and posting for websites. I've dlled Jasc Paintshop Pro 7, Ulead Photo Impact 8, and Adobe Photoshop 7. Please let me in some time-tested field advice.

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    Paint shop pro is more userfriendly and easier to use,however Photoshop is more advanced and has everything that you could ever possibly need.
    It depends on how far you want to go and how willing you are to learn.
    I use paint shop pro for my digi's and find it perfect for my needs.

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    HOwabout PhotoImpact? I heard it's a worthwhile software, how good is it comparing to photoshop? For an advance(ps) user such as myself

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    Photo impact 8 is good
    Adobe 7 is good
    I hear roxio have a good one but I cant find it.
    Adobe is probobly the best out there.
    I am not to clever so I stick to Impact as I find it easier.

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    Photoshop. thats all i need to say.

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    Um go with Photoshop for photo's. Paintshop pro is more of a painting program and not so much for photo's........

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    Corel PhotoPaint 11 is the best for the average user IMHO. It has all the options Photoshop does (and some mroe), and it's more user-friendly.

    Photoshop 7 is better for the professional because it can handle large files (50+ MB), whereas PhotoPaint won't run smoothly on anything bigger than 15 or 20 MB.

    PaintShopPro is OK, but it's a n00b kind of program... at least as far as i see it. Very user-friendly though and many neat options.

    Macromedia Fireworks, ULead PhotoImpact, etc. are all ok, but nowhere near the 'veteran' programs that are the above 3.

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    adobe photoshop is the most used...

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    photoshop 7 is the nuts and also has support for vector graphics as well now

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    if you want vector then use illustrator. for photos you could use m$ paint.

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