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Thread: I don't know a lot about hardware[Question: ATA 100 and ATA 133]

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    I was planing to buy a new HD but i'm concern about the ATA. I think my motherbroad only support ATA 66/100. My question is what is the difference between ATA 100 and the ATA 133? If i would buy a HD that is ATA 133 could i still connect that into my motherbroad?

    Here is my motherbroad specs

    The HD I was planning to get is

    Please some one answer my questions and give me your option.


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    it will still work even if the speeds are different, however, the speed will be limited to that of the lowest common denominator.
    ATA133's generally aren't really more expensive than 100, so get it if you may notice the difference, you may not.

    anyway, that's my opinion.

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    The drive you have selected will work fine connected to ATA100.

    Another option would be to choose:

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    Well, ata 133 and ata 100 dont have any significant performance difference. You could wither buy a ata100 or ata133. If you want any performance difference you would have to buy a new motherboard that suppots raid.


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