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    I posted the following in another forum seemingly full of many retards and a few trying to guide them all. I will leave the name of the forum anonymous. Needless to say along with any other post of content it received no response. Unfortunately the posts that got responses was "anyone got Hulk or Matrix Reload" and "why do I get files I can't play" (fakes etc...). I grew very sarcastic in my posts and replies and realize I should not visit this site any longer as the only replies I got were ones offended by me, with lOOts of bad speelling and grammar.

    I have noticed the quality of people here seems a little more level and educated, so I was wondering what kind of response I get, anyway...

    If you don't mind 20% of the speed and being in Q for a week to see "connection refused" with large amounts of _INCOMPLETE_ files on your system, then your right at home. Also, don't forget to enjoy BEGGING to trade and get someone to start your dl (slurp) while you get a variety of auto responders "start me and I will start you when I get back". I am ranting now because this service is awful a dinosaur, unless lOOking for something you can't find elsewhere.

    If you can post a valid reason otherwise, please post regarding _INCOMPLETEMX_ (new nickname) hehe.
    Sorry I tried, really I did. F**K I'll tell u I hate winmx, it should be called _INCOMPETEMX_. I have file after file that are incomplete, not just me, also many users I browse as well (some only having incomplete files in their shared folders). After I finish the one file I want I am done with the snotty users leeches and being in Q for days. Cable and DSL users with 0 of 1 slots and hundreds in Q. Need I say more, not to mention I never get beyond 25kb/s. I think mIRC is better than this. I plan on deleting this crappy "wait" program.
    All at winmx you are _INCOMPLETE_ to each other.

    No Comments...
    Well I'm not surprised, but I shall rebut myself and also propose a solution to this problem.

    What is winmx known for... MUSIC you dickweeds. As a matter a fact it is the place to go ands get the hard to find stuff (music), even I use it. Problem is since I noticed the movie craze sweeping p2p it has entered winmx as it has everywhere else, unfortunate for true winmx users. STOP sharing movies, it is destroying the Q!! With many having only 1 slot available for upload (this is a joke considering the bandwidth of Cable and DSL users) movies just take to long. If someone is in your Q at 100 with 40 before him waiting for movies that take many hours to load, do you think they will ever get to load jack shit, NO. Do the math, you would have to stay online drop free for a week or two, maybe more!! I have heard the new version to come may solve some of the dropped Q problems.

    It is true winmx has been the leader in where to get music, they have been rated #1 by some sites, but in terms of getting movies they are not even rated!! People are starting to give up and winmx will suffer.

    NOTE, all winmx users get movies somewhere else and take movies out of your shared folders and bring winmx back to an enjoyable experience.

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    I gave up on WinMX.. long ago. I was using v 3.31 and at first, I thought it was a pretty good program. But as time went on, in no time really, the program went very rapidly downhill. Too many queues, incomplete files, way too many leeches (at least on that program you could tell who was sharing and who that feature would be a bonanza for RIAA/MPAA these days) I also found that most of the users were a pretty greedy lot.. wanted to download your entire hdd and put you in "queue hell" for days. I had people sharing 2 songs on cable connections downloading dozens of files from me.. two days later you could search those users files and find out that they where STILL sharing ONLY those 2 songs..

    Thank god for K-Lite


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