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Thread: 3d Moddling Programs

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    what are they,

    3ds max

    what else.

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    now im not into this kind of thing, but my friend is currently obsessed with milkshape 3D, search for it on google or sumink, but it must b good.


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    eh depending on what you want to model

    3d home architecture <-- you can guess what that is for... well i use that to play around....

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    I like Simply 3D by MICROGRAFX...

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    wow those are nice pics

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    eh i never thought of using verizon << to upload pictures << thanks for the idea and yes im using a verizon internet provider

    vrz dsl

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    Maya and 3ds Max are the two big dogs of the field, and pretty serious pro level programs. After that, Lightwave, Cinema 4D, Bryce, there&#39;s Terragen, which is an environment maker, Sketchup is an architectural only program, Autocad, which is used mainly for vehicular and architectural, there&#39;s Pov Ray which is free, an open source thing I think? And another open source thing called Blender. Milkshape is pretty priomitive and used mainly for making stuff for online gaming. Not a bad program, just very specific. I have a pretty good grasp on a lot of this stuff, I&#39;m going to school for it now and plan on doing it professionally.

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    cheers reality23 every version of maya or 3d max i downloaded off kazaa is corrupt.

    that prov ray did the the trick thank you very much.

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    I have tried Maya, 3ds Max and Pov Ray. Those programs are great&#33; Mainly Maya.

    HOWEVER, those professional programs take a long time to use and learn. Gets very time consuming, and frustrating when you just want to make something quick. So if you want realistic 3D effects in a quick amount of time, I recommend Simply 3D. Yeah, it will take a few attempts to learn it, but once you do, you can create spectactulaer images in minutes. It also uses Autocad images (*.dxf) files/models. You can download many DXF files for free from the internet.

    That Funky Capricorn image took about 1/2 hour to create.
    Wizzandabe&#39;s logo took me 5 minutes to create.

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    I would lik to say i love that pic bt FC. That is good.

    i think that Simply 3D got a name simple i like to learn time consuming stuff like 3ds, i have just completed the 2nd disk of maya 4.5 and am going to get to work i still recon that 3ds max is better.

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