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Thread: Office outlook mail backup help

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    I'm about to format C:
    Where are my emails stored on C: ?
    I'm using office outlook 2003 & XP Pro

    any help would be greatly appriciated.

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    I don't know about Outlook 2003, but other versions of Outlook store the emails in a .pst file..

    Try in Documents and Settings/<YOUR NAME>/Local Settings\Application Data\Microsoft\Outlook\ ....?

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    I'm not sure about Outlook, but in Outlook Express you can choose File>Export>Messages and save them as a file you can later import.

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    you can download the microsoft personal folders backup for outlook 2003. you can have it back up whatever you want and it asks you weekly to backup and you can run it any time you want, too.

    I use it and I always have a recent backup of everything I need.
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    I have had to do this myself (kinda long winded but very effective for backup)

    Open up the outlook program>click "file">import/export>export to a file>
    personal folder file(.pst)>mailbox>the select a place to store the file such as "my documents"

    and be sure to back up all your data onto a cd (including my documents)

    Then after your reformat and fresh install of the Outlook program...then open Outlook>click "file">import/export>import from another program or file>personal folder file(.pst)>then select the .pst file you created for your backup>finish

    You should now have an exact copy of everything in the"old outlook" in the new outlook(addresses,files,attachments,sub folders, etc..)

    hope this helps
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