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Thread: Films - Sig2dat

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    Hi peeps I am new here so bear with me. Hi all, anyway the reason I am here for is I am a moderator on a another forum entitled, On here a few of us download films using K.Lite then turn these films into sig2dat codes, but first we make sure that the films are, what they say they are and of decent quality (as the worst think about K.lite are the peeps who change the filename).

    We do this so that peeps who are members of our site can successfully download films that they want.

    To become a member of this site please goto the membership is free and only takes a few moments to register, we are looking for new members constantly and wish to broaden our kazza sig2dat films so the more members we have who download the more films we can get quicker and easier.

    On this site their are also tutorials explaining how to convert the films into sig2dat and also how to download these films using the codes.

    There is also a wide selection of phone, cable box and gsm forums as well as the good old general discussion.

    Please feel free to visit unlocker at anytime night or day - I am sure that someone and everyone will find something they like



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    Hey Panda1, Do you have soup in your eyes..??? Look around be4 you post man..!

    as it is just an advertising for yet another site... 1 post... you'd better could checked this one out....

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    Is it just me, or has this guy just desribed this K-lite forum?

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    Didnt mean to step on any toes - just looking for new ideas, and also offer help to our members, Apologies in abundance.

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    accepted but did you check this forum out.. looked in the worlds... (Movieworld- Musicworld- gameworld) ?

    Have you read our FAQ! It has the best explanations about sig2dat there is around...
    You made it sound you have a copy right on those...

    Look around... well i've visit your site... looks nice succes with it.. B)

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    cheers for that will go and check it all out once again apologies.


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