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Thread: Xp Minimum Spec

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    I am currently running XP on an AMD K6- 300 with 224Mb RAM.
    does anyone have a lower spec machine that they run XP on?

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    AMD K6- 300 thats what i was on except i had 128 ram!! its amazingly went well i couldnt beileve it

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    The worst computer i have seen xp run on was a pentium 1 mmx 166MHZ
    with 64md ram.
    We had a free day when i used to be in scool And we were sick of crappy 95 so we desided to put a little bit of spice into that old computers life mind it was hella slow and the teacher slaped our hands and said you naughty boys go to the head of years office
    They were The good old days.
    Any way yea it worked even though it was verry slowe on booting up and we couldnt have more than 1 aplication open at a time or it would kinda slall.

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    I ran XP Pro on my pentium 1 200mhz 128mb ram for a laugh, and it was a laugh, it took 30 minutes to boot up and then when you clicked on the start menu it took another 10 minutes, lol
    I wouldnt advise running it on a lower spec machine, i wuld say u need at least a 500mhz! 128mb Ram



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